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Great fun for students & teachers.
Convert degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees or decimal
degrees to degrees, minutes, seconds.

Maps to input latitude and longitude degrees and convert
degrees:minutes:seconds to degrees.

Latitude and Longitude - USA  Here's a list of states. Choose a state
and view the latitude and longitude of major cities.

How did sailors navigate before maps had latitude lines?

NOVA Online: Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude.  Visit site and
click on:
"Find Your Longitude" to play an interactive game where you
have to guess your longitude.

Royal Observatory- Greenwich.  John Harrison and the Longitude
Problem.  Read about the man who first created the longitude system.

Interactive adventure to figure latitude and longitude.

View from space.  Enter a specific latitude and longitude, and see
what this location looks like from space.

Interactive globe lets you click on a country, then see the latitude
and longitude plus the local time.

Coordinates for every country.  Look up the coordinates, then find
the country on a map.

Enter the coordinates you want to view a map of a location.

Latitude and Longitude of World Cities.  

Calculate the sunrise and sunset by entering the latitude and
longitude of any place.

Maps: How to Use Them?  Learn maps skills and vocabulary by
working with maps and reading background.

Latitude/Longitude Position Finder.  Click on a state to zoom in
and find the latitude and longitude.  
Demo One Here's some fun web links-
all about Latitude & Longitude!
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