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NOVA: Lost at Sea - The Search
for Longitude (1998)
Longitude : The True Story of a Lone Genius
Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem
of His Time
by Dava Sobel
How did they make long ocean voyages before
satellite tracking? Mostly by sheer luck and
guesswork, until a secure method for
establishing position by the stars was
discovered. NOVA traces the roots of this
discovery in Lost at Sea: The Search for
Longitude, showing how one unschooled
carpenter, John Harrison, proved the best minds
of his generation (including Sir Isaac Newton)
wrong by building a clock accurate enough to
keep time on the high seas.
The thorniest scientific problem of the
eighteenth century was how to determine
longitude. Many thousands of lives had been
lost at sea over the centuries due to the
inability to determine an east-west position.
This is the engrossing story of the
clockmaker, John "Longitude" Harrison, who
solved the problem that Newton and Galileo
had failed to conquer, yet claimed only half
the promised rich reward.
DVD ~ Charles Sturridge
VHS~ Charles Sturridge
Gracefully adapted from Dava Sobel's
extraordinary bestseller, the four-part TV
production of Longitude combines drama,
history, and science into a stimulating,
painstakingly authentic account of personal
triumph and joyous discovery.
The same set but in a four tape VHS
Sea Warriors - The Royal Navy
in the Age of Sail
Chip Richie
The Measure of All Things: The Seven-Year
Odyssey and Hidden Error that Transformed the
This is a 'must have' documentary for anyone
who enjoys the sea and wants to get an idea
what life was really like in the age of the
square-rigger. You don't have to be British to
enjoy this work as our own US sailors had
very similar experiences on ships of the
same period!
Most people don't think about how a mile
became a mile or a foot a foot, but Alder
here presents a fascinating account of
how the meter the standard measure of
distance for over 95 percent of the
world's population became the meter.
We live in an era when standard
measures for objects and time have
become so common that we would have
difficulty imagining a world without them.
Sea Clocks : The Story of Longitude
by Louise Borden, Erik Blegvad (Illustrator)
For Kids!
Grade 3-5-This handsome, well-researched
picture book introduces John Harrison, the
18th-century English carpenter turned
clockmaker who spent more than 40 years
perfecting a device that solved the
centuries-old problem of determining
longitude. Beginning with Harrison's
childhood, Borden presents biographical
tidbits that bring the man to life, show how he
differed from "most other village folk," and set
the scene for his later accomplishments.
The Longitude Prize
by Joan Dash, Dusan Petricic
For Kids!
Longitude And Empire: How Captain
Cook's Voyages Changed The World
by Brian W. Richardson
We take so much for granted today that it is
difficult to appreciate the magnitude of John
Harrison’s accomplishments. The author,
however, begins by recounting several
disastrous voyages where 1000s of English
seamen died because, having no means of
determining longitude, they simply did not
know where they were – or more to the point,
they did not know where land was and so
crashed onto it.
The amazing story of Captain Cook
and his voyage that changed the
world.  This wonderful history details
the life and death struggle to
compute accurate longitude.
The American Atlas, Expanded 5th Edition
by Thomas G. Shanks (Compiler)
Excellent resource on time zones,
time changes, and latitude &
longitude coordinate system.
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