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Ghost Image
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Two Dimensional Bust Relief Plaque
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Use the coordinates finder on
our design page to pinpoint any
spot on earth- a front door,
even your mailbox!  
ur plaques withstand any
weather and  include choice of
mounting hardware.
Unique & memorable
housewarming gifts.
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Latitude Longitude
Address Signs
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Include logos, photo
relief, 2D & 3D
sculpture relief.  Select
from many rosettes,
special borders, divider
lines, & hundreds of
fonts.  The finest
custom plaques in any
size, shape, and
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Share, inspire, &
enlighten  by
displaying your favorite
in solid bronze or
Bronze House Signs
Huge Savings
Many Shapes & Sizes
up to 12" x 20"
50% OFF
Available in wall mount or
garden stake.
38"x 26"x 3/4"
Single or Double Sided
60 LBS.
Includes 6 ft.
Silver Painted Post
To exact specifications
using state-of-the-art
foundry technology.
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